Brand Strategy

Effective brand strategy starts with a clear understanding of the company’s core values, culture, vision and business goals. We start by assessing the internal communications: business plans, press releases, employee surveys, CEO speeches, history, mission statements, and existing market research. Extending that understanding to the customer’s perception of the brand is also critical to defining the company’s position, differentiation, competitive edge and unique value proposition in the marketplace.

Qualitative Research
Qualitative research reveals consumers’ opinions, beliefs, feelings, and motives. We conduct this research by creating focus groups around this discussion, one-on-one interviews, mystery shopping, and observation. By experiencing the brand first hand we can also assess the customers point of view. Navigating the current website, studying a point of sale transaction and interacting with key personnel to uncover the essence of the company and competitive edge.

Marketing Audit
We conduct marketing audits to methodically examine and analyze all communications, marketing and identity systems currently being used by an organization. From this information we create a focus group to study all of the negatives and positives within the brand by delving into what initiatives have been successful, and what has fallen short. In-depth analysis allows us to listen to the client, observe what others don’t see, make connections, see patterns, and identify opportunities.