Commemorative Books

ARCHIVAL PUBLISHING a division of Huxtable/Brandroom

Entering your Centennial year is cause for celebration. We know how your members value their Club history and cherish the many stories that have been told time and time again. As life moves on and members come and go, some of the important facts get lost. A commemorative book is your record in time.

We bring forth a team of creative professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the golf industry. Every aspect of the production is taken care of on time and to budget.

We specialize in golf courses. Books are our business and Golf is our passion. We have over 30 years of practical experience with photographing and branding Golf Clubs. We have collaborated with North America’s finest Private Clubs in supporting their creative needs. Commemorative books have become a highly customized service we are proud to offer our market. You won’t find a more passionate team of creative professionals that truly care about your business and storied history.



Projects can run into budget overruns, missed schedules, and other problems when various vendors are selected and then try to find a way to interact under different business models. Our goal is to offer you a product that is designed and managed all under one roof. The advantage for you is a knowledgeable team of professionals, experienced in working together, and collaborating on every aspect of the book. This results in a superior product that represents the history and tradition of your Club, delivered on time and on budget.




Starting a book project takes some initial ground work. Over the years of working with Private Clubs, we have tailored a list of things to help you prepare.