Tips on getting a book project underway...

Starting a book project takes some initial ground work. Over the years of working with Private Clubs, we have tailored a list of things to help you prepare.

Start a Book Committee

If you are passionate about having a centennial book for the Club, chances are some of the board members are too. Choose a representative to be part of the process. Some Clubs prefer the general manager to represent the board/committee decisions, and others like to be hands on. Whatever works for your Club, we can accommodate.

Get the Members Involved

Your facility is member driven. The boat can’t set sail until the crew is on board. Start by creating some excitement about the book! Send out a mass email inviting and encouraging members to send in their photos and stories. Members love the idea of being published—which in turn produces more book sales for you.


Start a project folder for the book. Create a list of things you would like featured in the book. At this point you can also begin to make a list of group shots: past captains, committees, pros, staff/group photo, presidents, historian...

Select Your Project Team

This is where our team comes in. When you are ready to get started, we will be there to answer any questions you may have, listen to your ideas, contribute where appropriate, and ensure a smooth production from beginning to end. Books are our business, and golf is our passion.