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Developed and designed exclusively for golf clubs.

Your club’s mobile app should reflect your club’s value! 

Your club is unique. You need a branded app platform that is flexible enough to make it your own. Our service offers a number of add-on features. You only pay for what your club can use. This makes your app, well... your app. 

Reach your club’s increasingly mobile audience 

No doubt about it, smartphones are taking over, with the very important 25 - 34 age group reporting well over 60% smartphone over regular mobile phones. And of those smartphones, Android and iOS devices like the iPhone count for well over 70% of all smartphone users. With numbers like these, your club can’t afford to miss an opportunity to reach these people. Add to that the fact that more people are spending much more time consuming mobile than they are with print media, it seems to be a great time to shift some of your marketing budget from print to mobile. 


Get started building right now

With our easy sign-up process, you need nothing more than an email address and deposit to get your app rolling. Immediately after sign-up, you get access to our Content Management System (CMS) where you can upload content, setup your course’s maps and get your app ready for release. 

One CMS for both platforms 

Whether you order an Android app, iOS app or both, you’ll still use the same CMS to manage your app’s content. If you decide to add on the other platform later, there is nothing more to do. Simply pay for the other platform and we’ll build it and get it ready. 

We handle the delivery of your app

After all your content is ready to go, we completely handle the process of delivering it to the App Store and/or the Android Marketplace. If you want a coordinated release, just let us know the release date you’d like, otherwise, your club’s app will be ready as soon as it is approved. 

But we’re not done yet! 

Here at Huxtable Productions and Brandroom Creative, our team is constantly looking for new features to make our platform even more fantastic. We have put together a brief product roadmap to highlight some of the features we currently offer. While you’re looking over the roadmap, feel free to ask us about custom features that your club might be interested in implementing. Your feedback can help us tailor our offerings for your club. 


Base App > 

The base app includes these great features:


With the News feature, your members can stay connected with a simple quick scrolling format, read updates from your website or blog, and even check the weather. 

News is a great way to keep your golfers informed about pro shop deals, fun happenings around your course, etc. In this age of social media, people have come to expect a high level of communication from companies they deal with. The news feature can help your club exceed that expectation. 

Course Maps 

Highlight the unique layout of your course with a GPS-Enabled, Google Satellite overview map of your course. You setup the course by simply clicking on a Google Satellite map of your course. Set each pin to be the center of each green. 

GPS Rangefinder 

With our GPS Rangefinder feature, your golfers simply point their phone at certain features of the course (center of the green, etc.) and they get GPS-accurate distances displayed right over the camera’s view. 

QR Code 

QR Codes provide an easy way for mobile users to link to content. By placing your QR Code on posters, other printed materials and even your website, you encourage mobile users to scan your code and download your app. Our QR Codes link to either the Android Market or Apple App Store depending on the device they are scanned from, so your users will easily gain access to your app. We allow you to customize the color of your QR Code so that it will look like it belongs on your signs and website. No more bare black and white QR Codes (unless that’s what you want, of course). 

Contact Us 

Make it super simple for your golfers to get in touch with you. You provide the contact details and we format into a series of screens that looks like the native contact screen. This gives the user a familiar feel. They are just one tap from sending you an email, accessing your website or even calling your pro. We also allow you to setup individual contact screens with profile pics to give users a more personal touch. 

About Us 

Provide your users with a visually appealing description of your club. You provide a background image, and some text. Often club’s use text they already have prepared from their website. In addition, you can include email addresses and phone numbers in your text and users will see those as tappable links to quickly contact you. 

Simple Content Management System

Our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) allows you to start building your app right away. Simply upload required graphics and type in some text and you are building your branded mobile app. Once you’ve uploaded content, our preview feature will show you what things will look like on your user’s devices before publishing your app. 

Add-on Features >

Please contact us for pricing. Here is a list of available add-on features: 

Event Calendar 

Keep your members up to date on happenings around your club. Events are a great way to communicate with your users. We allow you to share up to 5 Google Calendars with your app so you can have a separate calendar for each department. 

Under the details of each event, the user can “Request Info” which sends your staff an email about their interest. Have golfers register for tournaments, make reservations for upcoming events, etc. 

Facebook Posting 

The average Facebook user has 190 friends. If only one of your users share their scorecard and info about your course on their facebook page, then an average of 190 people will see. Multiply that by the number of users of your app and you get an impressive reach. Each time someone shares their scorecard or thoughts about your course, their friends will see a link to download your app. Then they’ll tell their friends and so on. Your app, and your club will “go viral”. You can imagine the reach your app will have! 

Push Notifications

Push Notification are just like text messages. Users get them immediately delivered to their phone no matter what they are doing. Push Notifications are a great way to fill last minute tee times, alert users to exciting events or even communicate important course information at the last minute. 

What makes Push Notifications superior to text messaging is that users are driven by the notification into your club’s app where they can see more details, share with friends, or even request more information from your club. 

Video Gallery

If your club has promotional videos or flyovers, then you want to make the most of that investment. Feature those videos within your app and you will be exposing them to more people. You can share your entire channel or pick and choose which videos you share with your golfers. 


Show off the best your club has to offer. Add pics from fun events, your spectacular landscape shots, photos of your fabulous facilities and much more. Your golfers will get to see all the fun your club has to offer. 

Detailed Hole Maps with Scorecard

Give your golfers a more detailed map of your course. You map out center of greens, tee locations and the boundaries of the hole. These maps are GPS-Enabled, so golfers can tap the map to find distances to course features easily. You also can add some textual description to each hole to guide the golfer. Included with the detailed map is an interactive scorecard. Map setup is a snap in our CMS. Simply click on the locations for each feature. If you need to adjust, drag the icon around. 

Audio Descriptions for Detailed Hole Map

With the detailed map feature, you can add an audio description to each hole. Have your pro record notes about each hole. This allows golfers to listen to descriptions of how each hole should be played. Note that the Detailed Hole Map add-on is required to take advantage of this feature. 

Sponsored Map Holes 

With this feature, you can define small ads that show up for each hole. Tie the ads in with tournament hole sponsorship for added value to your sponsors, or simply use the space to remind golfers about specials and deals. Update the ads at any time. This feature requires the Detailed Hole Map add-on. 

Tee Time 

Put your existing online tee-time reservations site right within the app. Now booking a tee time is as easy as reaching for their phone, but without having to call your staff. 


Give your golfers quick, easy access to the Golf Handicap and Information Network mobile website. 

Link to Any Existing Webpage 

Add top level page to your club’s app with content from any website you want. This is perfect for highlighting Real Estate, Food and Beverage menus or anything else you might want to show off from within your app. 

Hosting >

Affordable monthly hosting per platform. 

Your monthly hosting fee includes:

  • 2 image and content updates annually
  • App available on the Apple App store and Android Marketplace
  • Email support
  • Access to app analytics so you can track the success of your new app

Let’s do a quick recap... 

Your course is unique. That is why we offer many features as optional add-ons so you don’t pay for a“one size fits all” solution.

The base branded app is filled with great features for private clubs, daily fee courses and resorts alike. Being able to contact your valued clients through push notifications, news events and calendars plus giving them the ability to book tee times and use the GPS from their devices brings you and your clients into the age of mobile technology. New technology for a new generation of golfers!

The base app includes these great features:

  • Access to our easy to use Content Management System (CMS)
  • News feeds that highlight your Facebook page feed, twitter feed or any other RSS-style feed
  • Course overview that gives user a GPS Enabled Map of your course
  • GPS Rangefinder with Augmented Reality showing distance and direction to center of the green
  • About Us and Contact Us pages to help golfers connect with your club
  • Customizable QR Code and short URL to help you spread the word about your app
  • Your logo as an icon on your golfer’s phone home screen!


Contact us today to get your mobile app up and running this season!


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